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July 01. 2015
NS Solutions Corporation

Notice regarding acquisition of shares of PT. SAKURA SYSTEM SOLUTIONS in Indonesia

The subsidiary of NS Solutions Corporation (Head Office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director & President: Munetaka Shashiki, “NSSOL”) in Indonesia, PT. NSSOL SYTEMS INDONESIA (Head Office: Jakarta, President Director: Susumu Watanabe, “NSIDN”) has purchased 51% of shares of Indonesian IT firm PT.SAKURA SYSTEM SOLUTIONS (Head Office: Jakarta, President DirectorArif Budhi Suyanto, “SAKURA”) from AsiaQuest (Head Office : Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director & President: Jun Momoi).

Last year in August NSSOL established NSIDN as a base to provide IT services to Japanese corporations (steel, automotive, automotive part and electrical appliance manufacturers, service and finance industries etc.) in Indonesia. Through NSIDN, for strengthening the operations in Indonesia, we have acquired 51% of shares of SAKURA, an organization that over the past 20 years, has gained a high reputation in the provision of IT services to primarily Japanese corporations. SAKURA has abundant experience in the development of enterprise application systems, including HR systems (introduced to over 100 companies) ,production control systems for manufacturing companies, etc.

Through this reinforcement of our operations, we hope to broadly cater to the system needs of Japanese corporations in Indonesia.

<Overview of SAKURA> (current as of July 01, 2015)
・Head Office:Special Capital Territory of Jakarta, Republic of Indonesia
・Capital:5,800,000,000 Rupiah
・Capital Structure:PT NSSOL SYSTEMS INDONESIA 51.12%
:Arif Budhi Suyanto 24.44%
:Bertrand Simon Huppe 24.44%
・Business Activities:IT consulting, enterprise system development, package development, operation and maintenance
・President Diretor:Arif Budhi Suyanto

<Overview of NSIDN>
・Head Office:Special Capital Territory of Jakarta, Republic of Indonesia
・Capital Structure:NSSOL 99.6%
:NS Solutions Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd 0.4%
・Business Activities:IT consulting, enterprise system development, operation and maintenance
・President Director:Susumu Watanabe

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