NS Solutions Commences Provision of Cloud Service (absonne for Asia Pacific) in South East Asia

April 03, 2013
NS Solutions Corporation

NS Solutions Corporation (Head Office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director & President: Munetaka Shashiki, hereafter referred to as “NSSOL”) together with our subsidiary in Singapore, NS Solutions Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. (Head Office: Singapore, Managing Director: Susumu Watanabe) commenced the provision of a cloud service, (absonne for Asia Pacific) in South East Asia in March.

Harnessing the know-how from the IT infrastructure cloud service, absonne, launched by NS Solutions in Japan in 2007, absonne for Asia Pacific is the first cloud service of its kind for South East Asia, capable of meeting the needs of the rapidly growing South East Asian market while also flexibly accommodating the customer requirements, such as system reliability and flexibility.

absonne for Asia Pacific went into full-scale operation in March 2013 as infrastructure to support the overseas expansion of Japanese network service providers. It is also scheduled to be incorporated into the IT infrastructure of an overseas base for major corporations in June later this year.

With the rapid growth of the market and its huge Internet population, the number of Japanese firms making inroad into South East Asia is quickly growing. On the other hand, corporations in South East Asia face a variety of issues in connection with the installation and operation of IT systems, including quality assurance, cost optimization, security risks and securing the necessary, skilled human resources. absonne for Asia Pacific serves to resolve all of these issues to support the global expansion of customers seeking to move into the South East Asian market or expand their business activities in the area.

absonne for Asia Pacific will provide cloud computing services from a data center located in Singapore, an area that serves as a global communications hub and is both socially and geographically stable.Centering around absonne for Asia Pacific, the NS Solutions Group will be providing consulting and engineering services for the introduction of optimal systems, which take into account all necessary data concerning the South East Asian region, detailed operating services to address the variety of business challenges faced by local businesses and also SaaS (Software as a Service)required for a range of business activities.

Based on our years of experience in the field of system integration and the provision of cloud computing services in Japan, NS Solutions will be working closely with our subsidiary in Singapore, NS Solutions Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd., and our subsidiary in Thailand, Thai NS Solutions Co., Ltd., in order to provide a range of services, focused around absonne for Asia Pacific, to a large number of countries across South East Asia to offer support for the introduction and operation of optimal IT systems with the aim of assisting our customers expand into the global market.

(Overview of NS Solutions Corporation)
Representative Director & President Munetaka Shashiki
Capital 12, 952,763,000 yen
Head Office 2-20-15 Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Established October 01, 1980
Net Sales 161.5 billion yen (consolidated) 144.5 billion yen (non-consolidated) (FY ended March 2012)
Number of Employees 4,972 (consolidated) 2,415 (non-consolidated) (current as of March 31, 2012)
(Overview of NS Solutions Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.)
Representative Director & President Susumu Watanabe
Capital 400,000 SGD
Head Office 16 Raffles Quay #17-01 Hong Leong Building Singapore 048581
Established December 2011
Number of Employees 4 (current as of March 01, 2013)

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