Sustainability Message

Our mission is to build relationships of trust with our clients by creating true value, to grow with our clients, and to contribute to the development of society. With this mission in mind, we conduct our business activities toward creating an enriched society based on ESG. We also support climate change actions recommended by TCFD and continue to actively work toward Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) proposed by the United Nations to contribute to the realization of sustainable society as a member of the global society. 

Representative Director & President Hiroyuki Morita
Representative Director & President Hiroyuki Morita


As for the environment, based on the recognition that preservation of the global environment is one of the most important management issues, we are committed, as stated in our Environmental Policy, to finding a balance between pursuing economic activities and preserving the global environment in all aspects of our business. In particular, as we consider that global warming is a critical issue, we are doing our best to reduce greenhouse gas and to create a recycling-oriented society through IT including endorsement of the TCFD in addressing climate change. Examples of our efforts include helping corporations to reduce environmental burdens in executing their business in the production and transportation areas by providing them with optimized solutions and monitoring and forecasting climate change through the operation of a meteorological satellite “Himawari.” We also offer environmentally friendly cloud services through our energy efficient Data Center.

Social Action

As for our social action, amid the increasingly complex and advanced business environment of our clients and the rapid advancement of IT technologies, we continue to pursue possibilities with IT technologies and work together with our clients to meet various needs in our society and to create new value. Our efforts to provide solutions to social issues through IT include creating safe work sites through IoX solutions and strengthening quality control through enhanced traceability in designing and production areas. We are also taking internal actions, including measures to encourage diversity and inclusion, particularly for the active participation of female workers, work practice reform, and health and productivity management to respect the personality, individuality, and diversity of all individuals and to create an environment in which everyone can work together comfortably and freely.

Strengthening Governance

As for governance, we have a corporate governance system in place appropriate to our group business to realize healthy and sustainable growth and to improve medium- and long-term corporate value. We have also established a code of conduct for NSSOL group, “Global Business Conduct,” under which we conduct our business activities with respect for all human rights and a high sense of ethics. To improve quality, we promote organizational activities for project risk management and quality management to provide high quality IT solutions and IT services that are trusted by and satisfactory to our clients.

We continue to work hard to realize a sustainable society as well as the sustainable growth of our company through our actions as described above for ESG.