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Shiseido Co., Ltd.

3,500 Sales Subsidiary PCs Migrated to DaaS
Unified Operation and Enhanced Governance

Project Summary


3,500 PCs at Shiseido’s sales subsidiary in Japan were due for replacing, and the decision was made to migrate these to DaaS (Desktop as a Service). Besides unification of terminal operation and strengthened governance, the migration also was intended to provide a long-term basis for staff work-style innovation.


As a result of prior verification and evaluation, the service of NS Solutions Corporation (NSSOL) were chosen. PCs were changed to thin clients, and the operation was fully outsourced to NSSOL,encompassing the whole range from operating the virtual desktop environment to technical support.


All PCs were migrated to DaaS over a period of about four months. Also, after the transition, business applications software and peripheral equipment can be used as before, but total operation costs including terminal operation costs have been significantly reduced.

Considering DaaS to allow easy access to information

Shiseido that has its corporate message “This moment. This life. Beautifully”is continuously developing its cosmetics and health care product businesses.
In 2009, the company began to consider stop using 3,500 PCs at the sales subsidiary and use DaaS (Desktop as a Service). DaaS involves the creation of a virtual desktop infrastructure that allows integrated handling of the desktop as well as data, thereby providing a more uniform operation platform for the PC applications software and achieving enhanced governance. The aim was to enable sales persons to access any required information from anywhere, while at the same time implementing effective security measures. In the long run, this was also seen as providing a base for workstyle innovation.

NSSOL services adopted as the result of prior evaluation

Shiseido formulated its requirements and invited several IT vendors to submit proposals. Among the respondents, three companies were chosen for a three-month-long DaaS implementation test, using Shiseido’s business applications as well as terminals and peripheral equipment. As a result, the “DaaS (Desktop as a Service)@absonne” platform offered by NS Solutions Corporation (NSSOL) was selected.
NSSOL’s DaaS (Desktop as a Service)@absonne makes use of the company’s cloud IT infrastructure service called “absonne,” combining it with other elements, such as desktop virtualization software from Citrix Systems and unified storage products from NetApp, both US companies.

Terminal operation unification significantly reduce total costs

The migration to DaaS was begun in October 2011, at Tokyo office. By January of 2012, all PC terminals had been successfully migrated. In the process, PC terminals were changed to thin clients, and the operation was fully outsourced to NSSOL, encompassing the whole range from operating the virtual desktop environment to technical support.
The results were impressive. Unified operation of all terminals means for example that security patches can be applied centrally by the NSSOL data center. Because all data are located at the data center, governance was strengthened. In this way, the original objectives were achieved. The total costs for terminal operation and for technical support were lowered, and the long-term goal of work-style innovation can now be tackled with confidence.

Core technologies
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), thin clients, power saving, Citrix XenDesktop, NetApp FAS series
System outline
●Service: DaaS (Desktop as a Service)@absonne
●Number of thin clients: 3,500

Shiseido Co., Ltd.

Shiseido Co., Ltd.
Shiseido Co., Ltd.
Head Office: 7-5-5 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Established: 1872
Capital: 64.5 billion yen (as of March 31, 2012)
Net sales: 224.8 billion yen single base / 682.3 billion yen
consolidated (Fiscal year ended March 31, 2012)
Number of employees: 3,874 single base / 32,595
consolidated (as of March 31, 2012)
Group companies: 97 subsidiaries, 13 affiliated companies

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